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The Practical VW Golf Delivers an Upscale Interior and Plenty of Versatility

The VW Golf has been available since 1974, meaning Volkswagen had plenty of time to perfect this versatile hatchback. Today, you can find a Golf for everyone, from the Golf SportWagen to the more adventurous Golf Alltrack, the stylish Golf GTI, the performance-oriented Golf R, and the electric e-Golf. Even sticking to the Golf gives you numerous trim levels to choose from depending on the model year you are interested in and plenty of interior space. If you do a lot of driving, you will appreciate the Golf’s efficiency, as it gets excellent gas mileage. In addition to being efficient, the Golf is among the fastest small hatchbacks or sedans with a base engine.

Why Buy a New Volkswagen Golf

The practical design of the Volkswagen Golf offers hatchback lovers the perfect overall package. The squared-off hatchback design provides ample room for cargo and the upscale interior provides a luxurious feel. When compared to previous year models, you’ll notice that the two-door Golf has been discontinued, as more recent model years see the four-door body style option. The VW Golf is a great option for drivers who want to keep their footprint small without sacrificing space and luxury.

Explore the Volkswagen Golf’s History

Volkswagen came out with the Golf after the majorly successful Beetle. Everyone knew that the next car in the manufacturer’s lineup would be hard-pressed to beat out the popular Beetle bug. The Golf debuted in 1974 in Europe but didn’t make it to the U.S. until 1975. Many might be surprised to know that when the Golf first made it to America, it was under the name “Rabbit.” People really took to the style and design of this vehicle for it brought a more cutting edge look than the Beetle. Drivers also liked the fact that there was a two-door and a four-door option available and it had a large hatchback trunk that allowed for maximum cargo hauling. Compared to the competition at the time, this car felt huge to buyers. At just 146 inches long, the first Golf was a small car even by European standards. But the wheelbase was a relatively long 94.2 inches and that effectively put the wheels at each corner of the car, and at 63.5 inches it was pretty wide for its size and era. 

The second generation of the “Rabbit” spanned nine years, 1985-1993. During this time period Volkswagen decided to rename it as the Golf and it continued to make small changes to the performance and tweaked minor exterior updates. We are still seeing the convertible and hatchback body styles in America and they are selling well during this generation. It wasn’t until the third generation where we finally saw roll down windows! After 1999, and on into the fourth generation, we started to see more interior updates and boosted power in the engine. In 2002 the Cabrio was dropped in the lineup and it was effectively replaced by the new Beetle Convertible.

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